Bingo’s Beauties

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How to look like the most glamorous bingo players


Taking a page from a celebrity’s book in terms of fashion is always a good way to start when planning your own looks. With paparazzi hounding them and constantly exposing them to the public eye, celebrities can’t afford to go a day looking drab and unfashionable.

You may think that some activities exempt you from needing to constantly look your best, but in truth, there is no such exception. Celebrities are always in tip-top shape, even when visiting places that people would never expect to find them in, such as Walmart, the car wash, or even a bingo hall.

Surprisingly, there are several celebs who still frequent bingo halls. Maybe it’s a leftover habit from their pre-celebrity days, or an ode to how they got started, but these celebs continue to look good, even in those old-fashioned bingo halls. Bingo seems to thrive on celebrity endorsements, and the industry is lucky enough to have so many celebrities frequenting their bingo halls.

Among the many celebs who seem to have developed an insatiable taste for bingo is Catherine Zeta-Jones, who organizes a nice game of bingo with her family every Christmas. It’s quite easy to emulate the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones: long, dark, luxurious curls, and pale smoky eyes to go with Catherine’s trademark luscious crimson lips.

FoxyBingo’s Celebrity Mom of the Year, Emma Bunton has a look that’s even easier to recreate. The former Spice Girl retains the simple look that she wore as Baby Spice — a nude lip and faint blush, and dramatic eyes. With the help of dark mascara and liner, it’s possible to achieve the same effect of having big doe eyes that reflect a childhood innocence. Pixiwoo has a short tutorial for girls who want to emulate Baby Spice’s look.

And for the fashionistas, a great role model is Kate Moss, who’s reportedly started enjoying bingo more and more. Kate’s makeup varies, but it’s quite easy to dress like her. Wear dark clothing and add in the layers — skinny jeans with black heeled boots, a striped tank top and a leather hoodie, and pile on the accessories. E! Online has published a nice style guide for those who want to emulate this party girl.

Whether you’re going for a night out on the town or a nice simple game of bingo, there’s no excuse to not look your best. Whether it’s through your makeup or through the clothes you’re wearing, it’s easy to look like your favorite celebrity.

Gliss… My New Favorite Oil Elixir

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For some time I have been testing the new range Gliss Ultimate Oil Elixir. When I saw a photo of this in an Instagram of a friend that it was all very Top Secret, so I wanted to ahve them too. Now, the verdict ;)
This new line of Gliss  is suitable for damaged hair and brittle and need extra moisture protection. Contain a patented liquid keratin complex with nourishing oils that restructure the hair fiber, nourishing from the inside.
The range is composed of the following products:
Ultimate Oil Shampoo Elixir . For daily use, maintaining the protection process every day.
Ultimate Oil Conditioner Elixir . Provides softness and nourishes hair.
Express Ultimate Oil Conditioner Elixir . No need to rinse and can be applied on wet hair mane untangling instantly and offering a fresh and revitalized avoiding breakage.
Restructuring Mask Ultimate Oil Elixir . Rebuilds hair structure from within and provides additional nutrition deeper.
Ultimate Oil Light Oil Elixir serum . Formulated with nourishing oils and small gold particles, gives the hair shine and protects it from breakage. Its light texture and not greasy hair and cakes is very easy to apply and be evenly distributed spray.
And to make our stay perfect hair better than using the iron Sensor Protection ofBosch , for taking care of our hair not only requires us to use suitable products, it is also necessary to know to use with caution and correctly the tools we use almost daily. Bosch has thought about this and hair irons have been created to minimize the risk for hair, so, if excessive pressure, vibration alert you to the possible threat to the hair.    Verdict: Very good but too expensive

Summery Look

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This is the last look left for me to post this summer. I have been leaving and leaving and now the truth is that it’s a look that I’m excited, too cool for the time with us and … hehe but look on the bright side for a few little minutes transports us back to the summer and good weather … is already far: (  It looks another used a beach day with my dear Esther  Locaporlostacones , with such famous and Zara shorts I’m sure that almost all have … a wedge very comfortable that I have taken in all summer since I got home and a shirt that I used too much, I managed toucans!  bracelet and ring stone are from Kunugi. I’ve told you about this brand in the past, and I love their creations. This bracelet me crazy, as many friends have told me “seem little eggs quail” hehe here  you can see them in more detail.
Shorts: Zara
Shirt: H & M
Shoes : Bata  your Spartoo,eo
Portfolio : Marc Jacobs
Stone Bracelet and ring: Kunugi